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What are the cost of Online Degrees



Online degrees have been a popular choice among many students nowadays. This may due in part to the ever pervasive use of technology in learning as well as its relatively lower cost. Some people have not had the opportunity to pursue a college degree. Nevertheless, the increased income that an online degree can bring is very much appealing to them. As for those who have obtained a degree, they still harbour the desire to secure another degree they have interest in. Online degrees can be an attractive option, but just how much does getting one cost?


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A Bachelor Degree is considered to be the entry level qualification in most professional fields. Getting an Associate Degree is a great way to start; however, completing your Bachelor will open the doors to many opportunities. Numerous online degrees are available from such institutions as The University of Phoenix, Intercontinental University Online and Kaplan. While some brick-and-mortar institutions do offer online degree, it is noted that the fee charged is considerably higher in comparison to those offered by institutions that specialize in providing online degrees.

The fee charged for obtaining an online degree from the online degree specialists is of great value. For instance, A Bachelor's Degree in Communication (which consists of 60 credits) from The University of Phoenix Online is priced at $515 per credit or $30,900.

A Bachelor of Business Administration with a total course requirement of 180 units costs just $30,560. Furthermore, a Bachelor's Degree in Communication from Kaplan University costs approximately $63,000 for the 180 credits required whereby each credit is charged at $336.

The fee for an online degree is comparable to a typical brick-and-mortar education. Nevertheless, online degree has the advantages of providing flexibility to students. Fee for an online degree can range as low as $3,000 to as high as $100,000 or more. It all depends on which institution you are willing to entrust to provide you the education.

Upon obtaining a Bachelor Degree, you may wish to further your study to obtain a Master Degree for the area you want to specialise. For those who are working, Master Degree can boost your earning capacity and bring you upward mobility in the corporate world. Albeit typical cost per credit is higher in online Master programs as compared to that of online Bachelor programs, the number of credits required is substantially lesser. As such, the overall cost can be the same, if not lesser than that of a Bachelor program. For instance, Master programs at The University of Phoenix are charged at $625 per credit hour while for Bachelor programs, they are charged at $515 per credit hour.

Consider another example of the MBA offered at Devry's Keller School of Management. This program is charged on a course basis whereby each course costs $2,100 and a total of 10 courses are to be completed alongside 18 credits of electives. The total cost is approximately $30,000. In comparison to that offered by brick-and-mortar institutions, this cost can run as high as three times. Even more flabbergasting is that there are some online Doctorate programs which have the price comparable to those of Master programs.