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Public Administration Bachelor Degrees


Online Public Administration Bachelors Degrees:

Programs that offer bachelor in public administration degrees typically include coursework in both theory and practice related to the administration of public programs and organizations. Courses range from topics like public budgeting and finance and administrative law and process to topics like ethics and organizational psychology.

Some programs include internship components, enabling students to get experience inside an organization while working toward their degree.

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Why Bachelor in public administration degree?

A bachelor in public administration degree opens doors to careers in organizations ranging from federal, state, and local government to not-for-profits or for-profits with social missions. Entry-level and mid-level positions are available in areas of the public sector ranging from public health and housing to public transportation and public finance. With so many aspects of public administration, individuals with a range of interests can find their niche within the field.

Bachelor of Science - Public Administration

The Bachelor of Science in Public Administration degree assists school administrators, those seeking to run for office, elected officials, public employees and people who perform work for the government to have a greater understanding of the public sector. Students learn how their job ties in with the government structure, how to instigate change in city, county, state and federal governments and how to finance and budget for projects.

Bachelor of Science in Public Administration

The B.S. in Public Administration degree is designed to teach students the required knowledge, skills to apply business principles and tools effectively in any organizational environment. Students are exposed to valuable theoretical knowledge and best practices in the areas of problem solving, critical thinking, e-business, research and evaluation, organizational behavior and management. This program coursework addresses critical business issues in the areas of e-business, technology,
ethics, globalization and diversity. The public administration major includes coursework in marketing, employment law, business law, accounting, financial analysis, management, computers and information processing. The course will emphasize the foundations of public finance, human resources and labor relations, implementation and valuation, program development, public policy formulation and public administration. Graduates will acquire advanced leadership capabilities and skills to enable them to successfully manage complex public programs.

Bachelor of Science in Public Administration (General, Police, Fire)

The public administration major will teach students to understand public organizations and to utilize that knowledge to manage, plan and administer public policy efficiently and effectively. Students must complete the general education core, along with additional elective credits to complete the 120 semester credits required for the bachelor of science degree.