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Nursing Bachelor Degrees


Online Nursing Bachelors Degrees:

Nursing continues to be one of the most worthwhile professions in the U.S. today. Medical and nursing jobs will continue to increase for at least the next ten years (U.S. Dept of Labor) as the population is aging and new technologies give us the chance of better health. Until quite recently, nursing was the poor relation in the medical world. These days, there are better qualifications and career prospects for those who want to combine a vocation for caring with a good medical education. If you think that nursing is for you, you should consider a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

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Why Bachelor in nursing degree?

You will need to be numerate, literate, articulate, and able to deal with people on all levels – both physicians and patients. You will be working in a pressured environment, so you will need a cool head. Anybody considering following a nursing career must attend nursing school or nursing college in order to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to deal with clinical procedures, equipment and patient care.

Types of duties might involve wound care, giving injections, patient support, patient hygiene, patient nutrition, administration of dispensed drugs, feeding, record keeping and taking blood pressure readings. Bachelor’s degree in nursing can lead to well-paid, interesting careers in nursing management, hospitals, medical supply businesses, home health agencies, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, community healthcare programs, vaccination programs, dental nursing, private nursing, military, or even being a ship’s nurse on a luxury liner for the more adventurous.

Salaries vary enormously depending on skills, experience, and level of qualifications and the place of work. Wages in general are higher in the private sector.

Online LPN/LVN to BSN Program

This new degree is the only completely distance-based RN training program in the country. LPNs and LVNs can earn their NLNAC-accredited Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree without ever stepping foot in a classroom. Complete your upper-level nursing courses online with Indiana State University. Clinical hours can be completed locally with a preceptor. The comprehensive self-contained study modules allow students to learn using a Blended Learning Format, which combines independent study with Indiana State's online courses to provide you with the most convenient method to advance your education without interrupting your lifestyle. Complete your nursing courses (generally 40 hours) online with Indiana State University.

Online RN to BSN Program

This NLNAC-accredited RN to BSN program is for those individuals who hold an associate's degree in nursing, and it requires a total of up to 128 credit hours. Approximately 30 hours of lower-division nursing course requirements can be satisfied through an RN articulation program. Complete your upper-level nursing courses (generally 30 credit hours) online with Indiana State University.