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International and Global Business Bachelor Degrees


Online International and Global Business Bachelors Degrees:

The Bachelor of Science in International Business program has been planned to create a new generation of professionals in the private and public sectors with an understanding of marketing, international business, finance and trade around the globe. Students graduating in international business will be taught to manage business opportunities and analyze policy in today's increasingly inter related world economy. Courses give emphasis to the basic business skills while using contemporary case studies of global corporations.

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Why Bachelor in international and global business degree?

Bachelor of Arts - Organizational Management - Foreign Language Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management curriculum is ideal for students who have some full-time work experience but desire to improve their understanding of how organizations function while developing valuable skills in leadership and management. Concentrated attention is given to understanding and defining strategic planning, law and marketing, financial management and other areas in which an organizational leader must posees a high level of knowledge in order to be both efficient and effective. The Organizational Management program studies the human side of managing organizations, allowing for skill development in group behavior, decision-making, communication, ethics, and human resource management. The Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management allows you to customize your degree with an emphasis on foreign languages.

Bachelor of Business Administration - International Business

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with an emphasis in International Business centers on the challenges faced by business in a global, international marketplace. This career-centered curriculum teaches students to confront and analyze how finance policies and relations and international trade affect business decisions. Students will learn to adapt market strategies for international markets and construct management processes and practices in an international environment. Students who successfully complete the BBA with an emphasis in International Business will have gained an industry-current knowledge that can help them to pursue interesting careers such as, International Trade Manager, Global Distribution Manager, International Sales Representative and many other interesting, dynamic professions.