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Information Technology Bachelor Degrees


Online Information Technology Bachelors Degrees:

In the 21st century, e-commerce, the Internet and the need for secure databases will continue to expand. In the current climate of social and economic insecurity "cyber security" will continue to grow. While there has been a slump in some areas of I.T., there is no doubt that information technology now rules most areas of our lives. For all of these reasons, a bachelor’s degree in information technology can only be a smart move.

Information technology moves so fast these days that you must work to stay ahead of the game and the competition. Any bachelor’s degree in information technology will only be the starting point of a life-long study of the area, but it proves an excellent method of gaining entry-level positions in information technology management, or augmenting your current career in I.T. and taking it to the next level of salary and responsibility.

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Why Bachelor in Information Technology degree?

There are a great many varying courses available at colleges nationwide and online, to suit high school graduates or I.T. professionals. While there are many specialist certifications available today, a bachelor’s degree in information technology will involve both theoretical and technical study and should equip you with the knowledge and critical thinking to solve technological problems in business. Many bachelors’ degrees in information technology are combined with business studies, as the two are inextricably linked.

Programs vary, but should introduce you to computer programming, coding, system analysis, design, development and implementation cycles and information technology in general terms. Practical based programs should also cover networking, web management and database administration. You may want to specialize in such areas as e-commerce, web design or networking, or management information systems (MIS).

Bachelor of Science (BS) in Information Technology - General

To have a great career in the fast paced world of information technology you require more than technical certification or associate two year degree. With the bachelor's degree, you will learn the advanced technical skills and knowledge that is necessary to have a solid foundation in business management and strategy. Capella University’s online bachelor's degree specialization in general information technology will teach you both theoretical course subjects and applied practical topics to give you the best possible preparation for you IT career. Students specializing in the IT stream gain a solid understanding in essential IT domains while being able to also study a selection of advanced specialization courses.