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Information Systems Management Bachelor Degrees


Online Information Systems Management Bachelors Degrees:

Students undertaking a Bachelors Degree in Information Systems Management will be well equipped to manage and develop an organization’s information technology requirements. A degree in this discipline helps students to develop their technical proficiency while gaining a good grounding in its theory.

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Why Bachelor in information systems management degree?

In today’s modern world, information technology is advancing at a rapid speed and so are the needs of organizations. Graduates with a Bachelors Degree in Information Systems Management are sought after in the corporate world as organizations rely on information systems to do business in an ever expanding global market. Students entering today’s market need to be well prepared with the ability to apply their knowledge in an organizational environment.

Operationally applied, information systems management provides businesses with the ability to process its data and information to help management’s decision making process. A Bachelors Degree in Information Systems Management gives students the understanding and theoretical knowledge to understand the organizational needs, and the ability to use technology and systems to develop solutions to meet those needs.

A study in this discipline focuses on the following, while recognising information technology supports information systems:

  • planning
  • analysing
  • developing
  • maintaining

Flexible Study Programs

Potential students need an interest in specialising in information systems management and must want to provide organizational solutions using information technology in a demanding, corporate environment. Students learn the concepts, methods and hands-on application of information systems in workplaces. A study program for the Bachelors Degree in Information Systems Management covers topics from a broad spectrum of information technology and business related topics including:

  • project management
  • analysing system requirements
  • analysis and system design
  • organization and data management
  • systems auditing
  • systems security
  • accounting
  • banking
  • marketing
  • finance