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Graphics and Multimedia Design Bachelor Degrees


Online Graphics and multimedia design Bachelors Degrees:

You'll learn how to develop cutting-edge websites that blend interactive media with consumer-targeted information. You'll also learn animation and producing games and virtual tours. Courses include: Website Tools, Website Development, Graphics and Multimedia for Web Design, Website Animation Integration, Animation Behaviors, Animation for Gaming.

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Why Bachelor in graphics and multimedia design degree?

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design

To help meet the demand for more experienced creative professionals, IADT Online will also begin accepting applications for enrollment into its Bachelor of Fine Art degree program in Graphic Design. In this dynamic curriculum, students will focus on hands-on projects and professional portfolio and resume building as they have an opportunity to acquire career-specific skills in advertising, layout, type, color, and illustration. An emphasis on today's technology, including digital imaging, Web and multimedia is designed to help them prepare for a diverse range of creative careers in graphic design, digital production, package design, illustration and many other growing fields.

Bachelor of Science in Web Design and Interactive Media

Enter the fast-evolving field of Multimedia and Web Design. Our Web Design and Interactive Media Bachelor of Science Degree program is the right choice if you are looking to marry your individual artistic abilities with complex technological skills. This program was created to prepare you for careers involving the Internet with a focus on marketing and design. It integrates the elements of audio, video, still images, animation, text and data for the delivery of interactive content. The Bachelor of Science Degree in Web Design and Interactive Media offers a broad range of design and technology competencies focused on career paths in the specialty of multimedia and Web design. These competencies include those related to visual design, digital image manipulation, audio, Web site design, video, animation, text, business and project management.