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Game Software Development Bachelor Degrees


Online Game software development Bachelors Degrees:

The Media Art & Animation degree will enhance your creative skills in this wide-ranging field. This degree program begins with a foundation in computer applications, character design, color and drawing. Guided by a faculty of industry-experienced experts, you will examine advanced 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional animation principles as well as special effects, scenic layout, background design and story development. You'll work with program specific software such as Discreet's 3D Studio Max, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop. Upon graduation, you will have a personal digital portfolio to display your creative skills in both digital and traditional 2-D and 3-D techniques and abilities.

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Why Bachelor in game software development degree?

Career opportunities exist for graduates that include forensic artists and video, background painters, broadcast graphic artists, computer-generated special effects artists, computer modelers, texture artists, storyboard artists, compositing and rendering, computer generated lighting.

Bachelor’s in Game and Simulation Programming

The Game and Simulation Programming bachelor's prepares students to join the public and private sector game software industry in a variety of software development positions across the game programming life cycle, including project coordinator, software engineer and game programmer. Being applications-oriented, the course provides preparation in the physics and maths of games, game engine design, simulation, 2 and 3 dimensional graphics programming, massively multi-player online game programming (MMOG), modifications (MOD), game design and programming fundamentals. Also included in this degree is a full range of general education courses, recommended by game industry professionals as a vital requirement for well-rounded development team members.

Bachelor's in Game Software Development

Students interested in a career in the Game Software Development industry will be able to train themselves through this program and acquire the knowledge for career positions such as Game Documentation Writer, Game Support Specialist, Game Requirements Analyst, Game Maintenance Administrator, Game and Interactive Software Tester. Students will acquire knowledge in all the different aspects needed in the software development process such as development, design, testing and setting up of a game or interactive software product.