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Online forensics Bachelors Degrees:

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Why Bachelor online in forensics degree?

Bachelor of Science - Criminal Justice

The CTU Online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice is a distinctive program that provides a component of forensic study to students that is not usually available at the undergraduate level. The duration of this graduation program is about 15 months during which time the students can also earn four Professional Certificates as well as Resume building certificates that help to advance their career while they graduate. Certificates include Law Enforcement Skills, Crime Scene Investigation, Legal studies and Court Process, and Corrections Technicians.

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology - Computer Forensics

An information technology degree with focus on Computer Forensics prepares the student to take up challenging careers in this rapidly developing field of study. This program guides the student to acquire both knowledge and technical skill in the detection and prevention of computer crime. Students will be ready to take up career positions including Counter intelligence analyst, IT Investigator, Security Network Analyst, Computer Forensics specialist.

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice - Forensic Psychology

Psychology holds great importance within the subject of the criminal justice system. A degree in Forensic Psychology will teach the student how best to handle a crisis situation, identify and relate to mentally ill people and also to understand how a crime committed will affect its victims and the community at large. The student graduating with this degree will meet the criteria for senior positions in social services, police departments and law enforcement agencies, and also in the judicial system. The syllabus content consists of : Psychology, Introduction to Forensic Psychology, Crisis Intervention, Police Psychology, Abnormal Psychology.