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Enviromental Science Bachelor Degrees


Online enviromental science Bachelors Degrees:

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management

The goal of CSU's Environmental Management program is to provide students with a solid foundation in federal and state EPA rules and regulations and cutting edge concepts concerning environmental use and protection. Students enrolled in this program will acquire practical "how to" skills relating to solid waste/hazardous waste management and appropriate measures for minimizing air, soil and water pollution.

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Why Bachelor online in enviromental science degree?

Bachelor of Science - Environmental Management

In today’s world, environmental issues are at the forefront. Possessing a quality education that includes scientific principles, government regulations, health safety, global sustainability, and more will put you in demand. The student who graduates with a major in environmental management will be able to:

- Apply and interpret the scientific principles, guiding regulations, and recommended practices in environmental management.
- Demonstrate knowledge of effective techniques for communicating scientific, technical, and legal information to diverse populations, including industry managers and employees, community groups, and the media.
- Develop comprehensive environmental management strategies and possess “new work skills,” i.e., skills in critical thinking, problem solving, project management, interpersonal relations, and team building.
- Combine information technology, international perspectives, and an understanding of the new environmental paradigm of management and prevention in addition to control and remediation.
- Demonstrate a broad understanding of multimedia (air, water, land) environmental contexts, the development of cutting-edge technologies, and the application of existing and emerging environmental technologies in cost-effective and work-efficient ways.
- Demonstrate a broad understanding of multimedia environmental management, regulatory compliance, recent technological changes, emergency management, health and safety management, global resource conservation, and sustainable development.
- Discuss the history and development of theories and concepts in environmental management and their application to various environmental situations.