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e-Business and e-Commerce Bachelor Degrees


Online e-Business and e-Commerce Bachelors Degrees:

Students completing a Bachelors Degree in eBusiness/eCommerce can expect to discover how the World Wide Web and the internet affect modern businesses. More and more businesses are changing their outlook to capture the potential of electronic communications – Internet, ATM networks and mobile commerce. Students that graduate with a degree in this discipline are in high demand in an industry that grows as quickly as the technology changes.

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Why Bachelor online in e-Business and e-Commerce degree?

A Bachelors Degree in eBusiness/eCommerce teaches students how to apply information and electronic technology to support business procedures while using the Internet and the World Wide Web.

This degree covers subjects in a wide range of disciplines including:

  • information systems
  • business (marketing, accounting, economics)
  • database creation and management
  • computer networks
  • web-based technology

Flexible Study Programs
A Bachelors Degree in eBusiness/eCommerce focuses on designing, implementing and managing business interests using electronic technology as a means of communication.

Studying for a Bachelors Degree in eBusiness/eCommerce will prepare students and give them an understanding of how electronic technology impacts on business including:

  • inter business relationships
  • buying and selling online
  • business structures
  • internal procedures
  • organizational intellectual property
  • maintaining and managing business networks
  • carrying out business communications
  • sharing information online