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Online corrections Bachelors Degrees:


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Why Bachelor online in corrections degree?

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice - Corrections Technician

Together with a degree in Criminal Justice, four other Professional Certificates can be earned while working towards the completion of the degree. The curriculum provides the following courses : Juvenile and the Courts, American Criminal Procedure, Legal Aspects of Criminal Justice, Enforcement and the Community, Corrections Solutions.

Bachelor of Science Criminal Justice - Corrections

This course in correctional systems is designed to protect the public from convicted offenders, and also find out ways to rehabilitate and integrate the convicts back into society. The online program teaches the students to focus on the criminal justice field of corrections. A graduate having a degree from South University Bachelor of Science in criminal Justice program is well prepared for entry-level positions in correctional system. With experience, the students will grow into positions such as deputy warden, protective services supervisor.

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice - Corrections

This degree helps the students to learn both institutional and community-based administrative and operational aspects of the US correctional system. They will be able to tackle issues like juvenile justice, overcrowding and inmate rights. Students graduating with this degree are qualified to pursue a career at local, state and federal jail facilities and juvenile detention centers in tactical, administrative and managerial roles. Courses include : Managing Criminal Justice Organizations, Critical Issues in Corrections, Introduction to Corrections, Juvenile Delinquency, Probation and Parole.