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Computer Security Bachelor Degrees

Online computer security Bachelors Degrees:

A Bachelors Degrees in Computer Systems Security prepares students for working within the world of internet and computer security. Systems security is a growing concern for organizations as they rely more on computer technology and networking as a way to do business. Organizations need to protect themselves, and their intellectual property and information from falling into the wrong hands. Professionals that specialize in information security protect information systems from being hacked into and are alert for security threats to the organization. Everyday new computer viruses and spyware are developed to infiltrate organizational computer systems and networks. This area of computer specialization is growing at a rapid rate and so is the demand for computer systems security specialists.

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Why Bachelor online in computer security degree?

Students studying for their Bachelors Degree in Computer Systems Security are taught how to analyze and evaluate information systems for weaknesses and possible weaknesses in their security. Students will develop strong analytical and leadership skills to help them work as a professional in this discipline.

Students can design a flexible study program to suit their needs and interests. They have a wide choice of subjects to choose from including:

  • project management
  • network security
  • analyzing and designing information systems and networks
  • cybercrime
  • operating systems concepts
  • managing computer security threats
  • eCommerce

Graduates with a Bachelors Degree in Computer Systems Security will be able to:

  • demonstrate strong analytical skills
  • demonstrate strong communications skills
  • demonstrate the ability to manage resources
  • demonstrate knowledge of a wide range of computer systems
  • demonstrate the ability to work in high risk, stressful situations

Career Opportunities in Computer Systems Security
With the growing use of the World Wide Web and the Internet, there is increasing concern about the security of information systems and networks. Organizations need to protect themselves against those trying to hack into their systems and, more and more, computer security specialists are in high demand. As all facets of industry grow their systems and with the rapid change in technology, the demand for security professionals is expected to increase for at least the next 10 years.