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Business Management Bachelor Degrees


Online business management Bachelors Degrees:

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) provide sound Managerial skills which is necessary to lead people and processes and grow healthy organizations. Some of the courses students will be engaged in within the Bachelor's in Management degree program are: International Business Practices, Business Strategy, Global Managerial Economics, Operations Management Principles,Project Management Theory,Managing Project Risks and Opportunities, and Workplace Effectiveness.

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Why Bachelor in business management degree?

Bachelor of Science in Business Management

The Bachelor of Science in Business Management program provides training in managing of both human and fiscal resources within a given structure, culture and missions of an organization. Major emphasis is placed on developing skills in areas of performance systems, public relations, employment law, global business strategies, financial analysis and utilization of research findings.

Bachelor of Business Administration - Management

This program trains students for a wide range of posts in managerial capacity in government, business and non profit organizations. The student of the BBA degree will attain skills in both fundamental, practical as well as professional spheres in all aspects of business, including decision making and problem solving areas. The BBA program has a management area major that helps students to opt for courses that best adapt them to their chosen career and educational goals.

Bachelor of Business Management

The Business Management Program at Anthem College Online is a division of High - Tech Institute Phoenix. It is planned in such a way so as to provide business professionals, willing to acquire the qualifications that are needed, to achieve management level positions. Students who graduate with this degree will possess the skills which will enable them to manage healthy organizations by successfully leading people in this dynamic global environment.