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Aviation Science Bachelor Degrees


Online Aviation Science Bachelors Degrees:

Bachelor of Science Degree - Professional Aviation

The Professional Aviation Bachelor's degree teaches students a broad knowledge of the aviation industry and a solid general education in management techniques and skills. The Professional Aviation major from Everglades University in conjunction with a student's previously obtained flight certificates and ratings will lead graduates to a professional career position within the aerospace and aviation industry. Students applying for this aviation degree program must possess all required FAA certificates and FAA ratings before they start this program.

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Bachelor of Science - Aviation Management

The Bachelor's degree in Aviation Management will equip you with the management skills and knowledge that is required to stay up-to-date with the ever-changing and fast-paced aviation and aerospace industry. The bachelor of science degree will provide you with a high level understanding of the aviation industry and provide a high level of education that focuses on business knowledge and management skills demanded by the aviation and aerospace industry.

The Aviation Management bachelor's degree program focuses and emphasizes on FAA regulations and requirements, critical thinking, organizational behavior, management skills, global awareness and communication skills. This will give the education you need in becoming a well-rounded aviation management professional. After graduating with this degree, you can pursue a productive and exciting management career in the aviation industry.

The Bachelor Degree program with a major in Aviation Technology provides a combination of a solid general education with an aviation technical specialty. Whether you are already an established professional in the aviation field or preparing to embark on an aviation career, you will be well prepared and equipped to meet the challenges of the dynamic and diverse aviation industry. Additionally, FAA certifications and ratings in Dispatch Operations, Flight Operations, Aviation Maintenance, Air Traffic Control and/or Military Aviation Operations may be evaluated for transfer credit.