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Lots of professional jobs require bachelor's degrees in South Africa. Our links to accredited online bachelor degree programs offer a combination of affordability and flexibility which is convenient for working professionals as well as full or part-time students. An online Bachelor’s degree qualifies you for higher paying career opportunities in your field of interest and brings you closer to achieving your career goals.

Why Bachelor online degree?

When most people think of getting a bachelor degree, they think of going to a traditional brick and mortar university. These programs typically run for four years and often require a lot of spent time and money to obtain.

Recently, however, there has been a sort of “educational” revolution in the college system whereby online bachelor degree programs have become more popular. While degrees conferred from internet-only institutions have been historically regarded as inferior, there is quite a bit evidence to suggest that this attitude is dramatically changing as these types of degrees becomes more commonplace. For example, it has been reported that 68% of respondents believe that an online bachelor degree takes more discipline to earn than going to a traditional university.

Since these programs are comparable to traditional university educations, you might be wondering why you would want to get a higher education online as opposed to going about it the traditional way. There are a couple of big reasons, the first of which is time. Online bachelor degrees often take a lot less time to earn than enrolling in a university. Whereas the latter will almost always take you four years, there are some amazing online programs that can take as little as 18 months or even one year to complete. In addition, because all the courses are strictly online, you can easily work while you’re in school, thereby reducing a tremendous amount of financial worry that many students experience.

Secondly, online bachelor degrees can also save you a lot in costs. While conventional university programs have to charge excessive prices due to high overhead costs, an online bachelor degree program can admit more students and charge less overall.